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About Jason Warrior

Jason Warrior is far from a foreign name in the music industry. Born and raised in Chicago, Jason has been surrounded by music and a collection of creative outlets from an early age allowing him to develop and cultivate his talent as a singer/songwriter. With a strong belief in God, the greatest influence on his career has been his upbringing in the church. Being able to witness from a young age the singing and sounds of the choir and band every Sunday only drew Jason closer to his passion and love of singing. As a teenager, Jason had the opportunity to travel the world and perform with the famous Chicago-based gospel group--Walt Whitman and the Soul Children.
With such versatile and powerful vocals, Jason has been seen on several of America's top TV shows - Season 4 of American Idol on ABC,  Season 1 of Fox’s The Four: Battle for Stardom, Season 11 of NBC's The Voice, and Season 9 of BET’s Sunday Best. Relatable to any genre of music, Jason’s voice can be described as more than just a sound. Every note, word, phrase and syllable are sung with passion and soul!  He attributes his sound and presence to the great artists who came before him- Sam Cook, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Kirk Franklin and John Legend.

As Jason continues to defy the odds Jason’s loyalty to his craft will continue to separate him from others on his rise up the musical ladder. Often in this industry, artists are molded into layers of what society defines as “successful.” However, Jason continues to pave his own path, staying true to himself. Through inspiration and positivity, his platform continues to grow. His work speaks volumes because of its diversity and authenticity. His future will be guided by the will of God and his musical talents.